Oooh boy, this one had me worried. This supply transport had a clue how to handle a firefight in Call of Duty Mobile. Notice how he keeps taking shots then ducking behind cover. This told me I was fighting a more experienced opponent.

With that in mind I had to rethink my strategy. Knowing I did not have a scope to pinpoint him better, and not being interested in exposing myself, I had to reset the firefight. Otherwise, this supply transport might win. I cannot have that.

It is not retreating, rather, fighting in another direction. I simply reset the situation. Yeah, that works.

I was out of luck as far as a scope went. This meant I had to find a way to give myself a significant advantage in the ensuing firefight, part two. That is if my opponent pursued me. He did.

Finding a zipline, I was able to get the higher ground. Judging by the response of my enemy, he had no clue I was still in the area. This meant I could pepper his location with ammunition, hoping for some critical hits.

Footage captured using the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE mobile phone.

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