As if 2020 could not be any weirder, we are now seeing Madballs making a return. No, they are not in some sort of Pokemon Go gone eerie game, that would be cool though. Instead, they are teaming up with Need for Speed No Limits by Electronic Arts. Yep, Madballs, the often forgotten “horror” and “gross” balls of the mid 1980’s are making a comeback with a racing game. Get your iPhone or Samsung Android device ready.

Madballs, the short-lived toy line

If you do not remember Madballs you are not alone. The original lineup lasted about 3 years – longer than most non-mainstream toy lines in the 1980’s. There was a total of 19 Madballs released, 16 in the original “softball” size and three larger ones.

Each ball had a unique look and characteristics according to their packaging. Kids of the 80’s loved the gross out appearances featuring exposed brains, oversized tongues, snot, and even a giant eyeball. Yep, the whole ball was a giant eyeball with horror features.

The chances of a Pokemon Go style game ever happening is slim – not exactly a lot of variety to work with. That has not stopped the owners of the Madballs rights from branching out into games though.

Over the years we saw Madballs cartoons, comics, toys, re-releases of toys, etc. There were even videogames for popular computers in the 80’s. None of that stuff featured the Madballs in any kind of race though.

Enter EA and Need for Speed No Limits

On October 26th, fans of Need for Speed No Limits will be able to grab the this update. The gross toy line is being integrated in about as well a method as you could expect.

The balls will basically be skins for the cars. According to Pocket Gamer, the Madballs will give the cars alter-egos according to which character is used.

There is a unique for this event Madball creation that is portraying the bad guy. This is rather interesting as there is no word on if this character will see release as a physical toy or not. I am sure collectors are just waiting to grab that one before having to resort to eBay.

Madballs never really went away

It is interesting to note that Madballs never really left the market. Sure, there are long periods where they were not available at retail stores like Walmart or Target, but the owners pushed on. There are Jason Vorhees, Predator, Alien Facehugger, Leatherface, and even Freddy Kruger and Chucky balls. If there is a horror franchise out there, there is probably a Madballs release for it.

You see, Madballs never left, they just moved to a more profitable distribution method. Anyhow, who is going to rock this update in Need for Speed No Limits?