In Call of Duty Mobile it is not unheard of to see other players in a shoot out. Now, at first you may be thinking, let me join in and rock both their worlds. Nah, hold your position, sit back and watch. Have a little bit of patience.

As you can see in this clip, the enemy I took out saw me. He knew I was on top of that hill. Unfortunately for him, there was another enemy farther down the hill – which I did not see at first.

After taking out that enemy, he came for me. All I had to do was be patient as the enemy brought his supplies closer to me. Taking him out was easy, as you can see, because I had time to prepare. I was not in the firefight and could set up my location prior to getting in one myself.

Again, patience brings the win. Use that knowledge to your advantage.

Footage captured using the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE mobile phone.

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