Oh how I love this one. As you can see, myself and a supply transport find ourselves in an awkward situation. Arriving at a set of buildings at the same time.

Time for split second decision making.

First, notice how he did not take aim at me early on? That told me he had no weapons, just like me. This situation just became a mad dash for a weapon.

Next, paying attention to the direction he took, I went the other way towards other buildings.

Do not. I repeat, do not, run into the same building as the enemy. That is a ridiculous tactic and a great way to see the Game Over screen rather quickly. Instead, either run to another building, like I did, or run for cover. Disappear as best you can. Hide. Be discreet. Chances are, your enemy has no clue where you went, so do not give them any.

Next, as you can see, I used kept the building I ran through in view, but able to see both sides and the door I exited through. This gave my supply transport no clear shot at me without exposing himself.

Once the target was acquired, I laid into him with what I had available. I came out on top too.

Footage captured using the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE mobile phone.

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