Taking on a four man squad alone is a daunting task. Multiple that pain by the fact it is many 4 man teams, not just one. Winning in this situation is tough.

That is exactly what I do.

In these videos, I try to show you tactics that I use to survive, and win, in Call of Duty Mobile. For the most part, these tactics are good to go for most Battle Royale games with minor adjustments.

This is the long play for my journey. Around half way through, I mistakenly paused recording so you will see my body count go from 4 to 6 or 7 in a split second. This was a mistake and one I try my best to avoid making.

What hurt the most was the situation I was in during that time not recorded. It was a glorious gunfight between me and a squad. I figure it was squad members as they were not shooting at each other, focusing on me instead.

Footage captured using the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE mobile phone.

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