Castlevania The Adventure for the Nintendo Game Boy marks the first time the franchise went portable. Konami was all in with Nintendo at this time and the Game Boy had just launched. Bringing Castlevania to those new gamers was an easy choice to make. Thus, we got our first taste of the whip cracking franchise on the go. Konami would go on to give this game a sequel, also on the Nintendo Game Boy. Decades later fans saw a remake for the Nintendo WiiWare platform.

Castlevania The Adventure goes historical

We get a look at the actions of Simon Belmont’s ancestor, Christopher Belmont, in Castlevania The Adventure. The events are set 100 years prior to the first Castlevania game on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

Here you are challenged with four stages. Shorter than most Castlevania games but still a challenge.

Some Castlevania standards kept, others dropped

Limitations of the hardware or limitations of the development team meant no sub-weapons to work with. The whip upgrades are still in play though. Normal whip to chain then to a flame whip.

Considering the developers were new to the hardware it is interesting what they kept. Each stage is sprawling, has multiple enemies, and those candles to destroy. Also, there is a “primary evil” waiting for you at the end of each of those stages – the final being Dracula himself.

Unfortunately, not everything that made Castlevania was able to be kept. Gone are the sub-weapons. There are now crystals, hearts, and crosses of gold to collect and use during the levels.

Revolutionary for the time

Looking back on a game like Castlevania The Adventure requires some leniency. The competition at the time was the original Super Mario Land game which did not resemble the NES games at all. This Castlevania game at least resembled the NES versions, just smaller, black and white, and portable.

If you wish to relive the fun of this first portable Castlevania, you can get physical copies on eBay or Amazon. Konami also included it in the Castlevania Anniversary Collection (please check your

This article was originally published on Retro Gaming Magazine.