Sniper Elite 4 is a military themed combat game coming to the Nintendo Switch. While this genre has always been decently popular, it has reached new heights. This is partly because of titles such as Call of Duty and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds gaining massive popularity. Some of the details from those games make their way into Sniper Elite 4.

Sniper Elite 4 is set in World War 2

Regardless of setting, the goal of Sniper Elite 4 is still the same as other entries in this franchise. Your goal is to be stealthy while eliminating targets. Could be enemy soldiers, could be disabling machines, destroying supplies, etc. Emphasis is on the taking out of enemy soldiers though.

Rebellion are adept at this style of game though. They created the amazing, for its time, Alien vs Predator on Atari Jaguar among many other titles. That means the actual game here is going to be almost guaranteed good.

Setting apart from the competition

While titles such as PUBG Mobile and Call of Duty have sniper rifles and such, those are not the feature point. In Sniper Elite 4 sniper rifles are the feature point backed up by stealth actions.

Going into a mission with a “spray and pray” attitude is going to lead to a quick end to your career. Depending on your experience with similar titles you may need a bit of time in the tutorial mode.

Sniper Elite 4 features motion aim – uses the gyroscope controls to fine tune your aim. This is something that was included in PUBG Mobile but had to be activated manually. I personally hate it but that is a completely different game.

There is also HD rumble support available to elevate the immersion level you may experience. If you own a Pro Controller you can use it.

What I like the most here is four player local co-op and multiplayer. There is nothing cooler than working with a team in the same room, without voice lag, to conquer a tough level. Flip the coin and you can throw empty containers at opponents for getting a lucky shot in on you. Hard to do that over the Internet.

Prepare for Sniper Elite 4 as it launches on Nintendo Switch on November 17th. Both camps are covered as Rebellion are releasing this one digitally and with a boxed edition. Save 15% by pre-ordering on Nintendo eShop though – they gotta get you one way or another into digital only. At least they are giving a discount for it here.