Transformers Battlegrounds is one of those titles that fans of the Robots in Disguise need to pay attention to. It recently saw launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC thanks to Outright Games. While this is not a one-on-one fighter action fans may still find something worth their time here. This is a turn-based strategy game featuring the iconic robots in all out war over the AllSpark.

Transformers Battlegrounds is G1 based

Now, depending on your stance of the various generations of Transformers, this could be good or bad. For me, being based on the first generation of Transformers is awesome news. I never got into the Michael Bay films. I was unable to catch stuff like Prime, Beast Wars, etc live so my exposure to them was as an adult. With G1 though, I was at that right age the show was targeting.

I was into Go-Bots and Voltron, I was a fan of Masters of the Universe, the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon, and others. I kept an after-school job just to finance my fandom. Sadly, growing up, I never had Megatron, understandably my parents were against that one. Nor did I have Optimus Prime, he was always sold out locally and I was not keen enough at eight years old to use mail order.

With all that said, Transformers Battlegrounds features all your favorites. Megatron, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Soundwave, Grimlock (in his mighty dinosaur aesthetics), etc are here. If you remember the older iPhone game Transformers strategy game, circa 2009, will feel at home with Battlegrounds.

Fans at the helm on this one

What is interesting about Transformers Battlegrounds is that it seems there are fans running the show. This is not a cash grab attempt. Not by any means it seems.

“We are incredibly honoured to have the opportunity to work with Hasbro and create a new take on this iconic franchise,” says Terry Malham, CEO of Outright Games.  “We have grown up with the Transformers Universe and are excited to be involved with the publication of this game.”

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“The Transformers franchise has spanned many different forms of entertainment over the years and we’re always excited by a new video game featuring everyone’s favourite bots,” says Mark Blecher, Hasbro SVP Corporate Strategy and Business Affairs. “It’s an incredibly exciting time for the video game industry and we couldn’t be more pleased to launch this new title for fans of all ages to enjoy.”

So, which version of Transformers Battlegrounds will you be grabbing? It is hitting all major consoles available as well as PC. No word on an Android or iPhone version though.

Transformers Battlegrounds by Outright Games
Developer – Coatsink
Rated: E 10+ on all platforms
In App Purchases – Yes, on Steam skins are available for separate purchase in “packs”
Available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam)