Cotton Reboot is, well, a reboot of the original Cotton game from the early 1990’s. Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams only came to the United States on the Turbo Grafx-16 Super CD-ROM2 (Turbo Duo as well) thanks to TTI in 1993. Other than that, this franchise has been pretty much MIA in North America. ININ Games are working on correcting that situation for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch owners. There will be digital and, limited edition, physical versions available.

Cute-em ups, a genre we missed

That “we” there is most gamers in the United States. We did not really get these games here outside of importing them. Sure, some magazines of the 1990’s talked heavily about these games, but it did not convince publishers to take a chance on them. Konami had what seemed to be one that would have fit well in North America with Parodius for instance.

The idea of this genre is things are made extremely cute. Characters shoot flowers, smiley faces, etc. Enemies run the gamut of personified flowers and the like.

Not exactly vile aliens in super ships of destruction by any means.

Cotton Reboot is clearly a remake

Considering this is a remake, Cotton Reboot is going all out. Currently planned options include updated, and throwback, graphics, as well as time attack modes.

There will be three game modes included in Cotton Reboot. Score Attack mode where you can challenge in 2- or 5-minute modes for the high score. This is also known as “Caravan Mode” to many fans. Arrange Mode offers 16:9 ratio, redesigned graphics and updated music. Finally, X68000 Mode recreates the 1993 Sharp computers graphics on your PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch.

When you can get Cotton Reboot

First quarter of 2021 is when Cotton Reboot launches on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. Pre-orders for the physical copies is expected to begin sometime in November 2020. Until then, check out eBay for previous entries in this franchise.

This article was originally published on Retro Gaming Magazine.